My Sprint Mobile App Reviews

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The app logs you out at every turn and then you have to start all over. Then it just sends you to the Sprint website. If I wanted to go to the website, why would I have the app? There is one thing this app is good for. It tells you how much data youve used. Otherwise, forget it!!! You will just be incredibly, infuriatingly, frustrated.

Cant take a payment

Have been trying to pay my bill for the past few days. Every single time it says the system is down. Please fix!


Stupid Im going to T-Mobile

Upgraded security

Really isnt all that great still gives me trouble. So when can I the client of sprint be able to get into my account ? This is to much the new upgrade

Doesnt Work!!

Cant even log in! When I type in the right credentials it says "System not available. Try again later.", been like this for 3 months & hasnt been fixed. Bull**** app.

Glorified website

Save space on your iPhone; this is just a direct copy of their website not notifications etc that would be useful.

Bad from the start

Wont even let me log in; wont provide enough characters for the email address. Really?

Bad app for bad provider

I am sick of sprint! This app is worthless, I am attempting to upgrade an iPhone and cannot get into the "shop",it takes me to a blank screen. It also has me login over and over again. This app is a complete FAIL!

Doesnt work

Been trying to log in my account for 2 days now!! It keeps saying... "System Not available. Try again later."

Not bad

Does what its meant for. Keeps me up to date on my account. Im a new sprint customer and like being able to track my usage and this updates frequently. THIS NEEDS WIDGET for iOS 10

Very slow

It is slow to respond and seems to have a hard time finding your account information. It is useful to see your usage, other than that all other features Ive tried are pretty much useless

Wont let me log in

App is nice but, it wont let me login. Since makes you have a 6-32 username, it excludes only two of my needed characters to log in. Bummer......


Love my sprint !! Etc :been trying to. Fix several issues but usually it works out ok . Thanks

No Touch ID

No Touch ID Support for an iPhone carrier app? Really? If Im missing the implementation, I apologize, but I dont think its there as of December 2016.

Sprint Zone App

Worse app ever cant get into to the app ever just spins and says connecting failed. Ive deleted the app and re downloaded it same stuff

Log in over and over

The reason I downloaded the Sprint app was to avoid logging in. At least give us Touch ID. Until then, you may as well use the browser.

Cant access anything

This app is so disappointing. It doesnt run smoothly at ALL, it has bugs, and the most annoying thing is you dont have full access to your account. Itll take you to their website which makes absolutely no sense for this sad excuse of an app. Maybe Im just too spoiled by Verizon, but sprint could learn a thing or two from them.

Zero stars

Worthless app. If you want to report an issue because you have no service, you cant, because it cant tell your location. Wait 20 min or more for it to determine your location.


The app works about as good as their coverage, horrible. I can only see the bottom right corner of the login screen and when i was logged in it hadnt update my payment info since October. Service is crap, coverage is crap, app is crap. Bottom line, Sprint is crap and it is time to switch to Verizon.

Not useable..

This app is not useable on my iPhone. It prompts me to create a username and password for my business account, allows me to identify myself with my secret question, but then the part of the screen that is for creating the username and password are cut off. This is my first bill that Im attempting to pay. I hope I have better luck paying online using my computer when I get home later.

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