My Sprint Mobile App Reviews

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Doesnt work well

After the upgrade this app doesnt work well at all... there is always an internal error when I try to do something... Very Disappointed!!

Needs to update when you pay!!!

The app never updates after you pay the bill until the next billing cycle I already paid but its still saying I owe money that Ive ALREADY paid.

Sprint LIES

They have lied to me numerous times about numerous things which resulted in me losing a bunch of money and Im fed up

Good app but...

Overall its a good app and the recent update has resolved most of my complaints. I still have to supply a user/pass to view the PDF bill. Please either eliminate the need to log into My Sprint or include Touch ID functionality to bypass the login prompt.

Great first try Sprint (version 1.0)

Updated: Sprint, hats off to you and your development team. Not only have you FINALLY made a functional app, its actually pretty good. Seems like some thought and effort went into it. Now only if we can keep the momentum going strong to improve the little nagging issues of the app. Thanks for listening to your customers. Only a couple things I would change in the app. 1) when you go to manage account, dont take us to the website. 2) find a store should show you all the stores in a certain radius of your current location.

Clean, easy to use app.

Nice app!

Horrible app service and customer relations......

Sprint.... doesnt work in blair at all and I called sprint to talk it over but the call got dropped.... at least a dozen times... hung up on twice..... even with att on the line on a 3 way call !!?.... cant say how pist I am !! I had even went into the sprint store and they couldnt do anything because I got the"deal to switch" online Sprint doesnt have my old phones anymore. Now phones dead its started talking to them at 11am its now 8:30 just finished a 1.5 hr hold time first I told the person dont put me on hold I explained everything to her told her I opologize if Im a little Angry but Ive been working on this since 11 this morning... asked her please call ahead and make sure hat someone will pick up when you transfer me..... 1hr later finally talked to the last person ..... she said why did they send you to me they are the ones that know about this Im so angry its not funny. They have my old iPhone 6s X 4 and I have the I phone 7 X 4 they want theres back but wont give mine back. They want over 600.00 keep the 7s. That they turned off!! Does anyone know what I could do or who I could talk too? Should I call the better business bureau? Oh wait they turned them off. Update three whole days no resolution and they want close to 1000.00

Buggy app

Sometimes this app works but sometimes when you try to go to the account changes section it asks you to log in again, even though already logged in, then when you re-log in it says its only for wireless customers only - I AM A WIRELESS CUSTOMER! Trying it again it does the same thing. One time it showed an error screen in the account modification section. So this app got some bugs that need to be worked out. If it worked well, then I would say its ok.

Disappointing after ATT

After the loads of info and control features on the ATT app, this app is a huge letdown .

20 minute wait on the phone for customer service

This app is great for sprint if you want to pay their bill. If you want to remove a line or cancel services forget it! Sprint will have you wait 20 to 30 minutes just to get to a customer service representative. Moreover you can only speak to a person after you go through 20 different options on there a little telephone tree log. Good luck!

Meh, needs work

Has some bugs. Most notably, it says i have 0GB Shared Remaining even though i havent used up my data. There should also be a notification center widget to track our data without being in the app.

Just Awful. Always have to go to full site.

Always says system currently not available when Im changing preferences on the devices. Customer service says I need to go to computer to do it. Whats the point? Useless app.


Havent been able to log in for over a week now. Wont even update my usage or anything in the app. Terrible! Is it Sprint in general? Because I also couldnt get the site to load in safari either! But anything else loads almost instantly...


Installed this on my iPad. Had never had it on there before and the login page was moved over to the left so half of it was cut off. After logging in once, and closing it, now I just get a spinning circle. On my iPhone, I uninstalled it because the updating spinner at the top was stopping when I tried to update the app. After reinstalling it, now the sidebar is broken!! Terrible!! It used to work fine but now its functionality is seriously crippled. Hope this will be fixed soon!

Needs TouchID

The app asks for my password every time I log in

No icons

When I open the app, once swiping to the left , theres no list available, I wanted to upgrade my phone , but not if the app wont work

Doesnt open in iOS 10 6s plus

Constantly asking for location access and will not get past that screen.

Terrible app and terrible phone company

We have been with you guys all of 3 months now and we are apparently being punished for paying our bill early. We have had to call you guys each month and explain that we paid our bill early but yet you charges us 27.65 the first month for charges that your representatives couldnt even find an explanation for. Second month, same thing, except it was 37.65. Now Im trying to check my bill on the app and its saying its December 6th when its actually the 9th and wont tell me how much my bill is! Ridiculous! I wish we would have never signed a contract with you guys!

doesnt load anything

none of the account info will load. I cant see anything about my account info. It just loads a blank screen.


The login screen is cut off from my iPhone 7 Plus screen. Cant do anything with this app right now.

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